We would like to begin by thanking you for your purchase from Mattress Fit. We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing problems with your product but we appreciate the opportunity to address the situation. Mattress Fit will be more than happy to work with you and the manufacturer in order to resolve your service issue. Your warranty is covered 100% by our manufacturers and they require all end consumers to fill out the following forms in order to process your claim. Please fill out all the attached forms with as much detail as possible and return them back to Mattress Fit with:

  1. A copy of the original invoice/receipt

  2. The block and string inspection kit

  3. The appropriate photos of your product and the issue

o These photos must clearly show the issue you are encountering (sample photos are included in this packet).

o You can email the photos to sales@mymattressfit.com if that is preferred over printing. All other documents must be returned to your local Mattress Fit store.

As soon as this packet, your pictures, and the block and string kit are received back at Mattress Fit it will be reviewed by the manufacturer and someone will be in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss the next steps in resolving your concern. You will hear back in regards to your issue within 30 days of receiving the packet back at Mattress Fit.


Possible Solution

Body Impression

Body impressions are a natural occurrence on a mattress. The newer generation of mattresses have multiple layers of material over a strong supportive innerspring. These layers of material are designed to make an individual mold to each sleeper’s body to ensure the ultimate comfort, support, spinal alignment, and pressure relief. These body impressions are fully explained and reviewed in your mattress warranty card. Rotating your mattress on a regular basis will provide the ultimate life of the mattress and help avoid excessive impressions.


If your mattress seems to be developing a sag or you feel as if you are rolling to the center of the mattress it often can be due to the frame (or boxspring if you didn’t purchase the matching set) not supporting the mattress correctly. All queen and king size mattress sets require a solid frame with a center support down the middle. This center support must have at least one leg/foot that goes down to the floor. Your frame requirements are fully explained in your product warranty card. If you have an old frame or box spring, please contact Mattress Fit about purchasing a replacement.

Squeaks and Noise

Squeaks and other noises usually originate from the bed frame, headboard, or footboard. These noises are almost impossible to pinpoint until the mattress and boxspring are taken off the frame. Remove the mattress and box spring from the frame, check the frame to make sure everything is tightly fastened together and then push around on the frame in several spots to locate the noise. If the noise is unfound replace the foundation on the frame and repeat the test. Finally, if the noise can’t be found, replace the mattress on the foundation and repeat the test.


Due to health concerns, if the bedding is stained the mattress is considered to be unsanitary and the mattress warranty is null and void. This regulation is fully explained in the manufacturer’s warranty card.

Once again, we thank you for your business and we appreciate the opportunity to service you with this request. It is our basic business practice to resolve any and all issues in the most effective and efficient manner possible. We apologize in advance for any troubles this issue has caused you and we look forward to continually serving you in the years to come.

Mattress Fit takes pride in selling the best bedding products on the market so it’s rare that we have warranty issues with the products we carry but it can happen from time to time. If you have an approved warranty the manufactures maintain the responsibility to replace your product with something of equal value. The manufacturer warranty does not cover the cost to deliver the replacement product to your home. Once approved you have three options to obtain your replacement product:

1. Pay Mattress Fit our local delivery fee plus tax
o If you live outside our local delivery circle a long-distance charge will added

2. Return your defective product to the Mattress Fit warehouse and pick up your new replacement merchandise

o If choosing this option, the product must be fully wrapped and sealed in plastic to ensure it remains clean during transit

3. Hire a third-party delivery service to move the products for you
o If going this route, the third-party must ensure the product is fully wrapped and all

drop offs and pickups are done at the Mattress Fit warehouse

By signing below, you have read the above policy and understand the replacement delivery process and cost. The warranty process cannot begin until this form is signed.

If you are experiencing a large body impression or sag in the mattress, please measure the impression in the following manner:

  1. Place the string or straight edge across the entire mattress from side to side
  2. Place the measuring block in the deepest part of the impression, behind the string/straight edge
  3. Get level with the mattress and take photos that clearly show where the string crosses the block, it’s better to have too many pictures than not enough so take several photos.
  4. Also take some photos that show the entire mattress.

This information must be returned to the location you picked it up from.

you have completed the above steps please print the photos out and return them to the with the rest of your claim packet and the inspection kit you received from Mattress Fit.

**When taking the photos of your mattress no one should be on the mattress and the mattress should be stripped of any and all linen.

**Also note:

  • The string should not be placed OVER the block, but IN FRONT of the block so that a proper measurement can be determined.

  • There should not be anyone sitting or lying on the bed at the time of measurement and the depth of the tufting or quilting cannot be used to determine the measurement of the body impression or sag.

  • One photo taken of the center support or frame support should be included in the photos as well as a photo of the entire bed with the block and string in use.

On the following diagrams please indicate where the problem is and show any changes to the bedding since it was delivered and/or picked up by you. Please indicate what each illustration is, for example if it is a tear or sag, indicate that by “tear” or “sag”.

Describe the bed frame supporting the mattress:
(Label the location of the center legs and be sure to show the center support)

Sample Photos

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